Rodent Distortion

Rodent Distortion

Black Sheep Rodent Distortion

En Dist-pedal med klassiskt Amerikanskt hårdrocks-sound

Rodent Distortion ger dig det klassiska hårdrocks-soundet från det Amerikanska 80-talet. Rattar för Level, Gain och ett mycket effektivt Filter, en svepbar EQ som gör alla de rätta sakerna.

Med en omkopplare kan du välja mellan två olika lägen, Vintage- eller Turbo-distortion.

Rodent är byggd i metall, tar liten plats på din pedalbräda och drivs med en vanlig 9V adapter.


For guitarists that want to produce heavier tones full of distortion without having a heavy impact on their pocket, the Rodent Distortion fits the bill for a low cost. The Rodent Pedal may be low in price but it’s high in quality and offers a versatile spectrum of great tones.

It is a robust guitar effects pedal that generates huge distortion from a lightweight, compact die-cast metal chassis. It features three straightforward controls (Level, Tone and Gain) to help shape your tone and overall distortion to suit your playing style, just dial in your chosen settings and play.

An innovative feature that the Rodent pedal has is a resilient two-way toggle switch which provides you with two different distortion modes to play with; Turbo and Vintage, toggle modes with various settings on the main control knobs and there you have an abundance of tones at your fingertips.

kr 749