NUX AC 80 Stageman forsterker for akustisk gitar

NUX AC 80 Stageman forsterker for akustisk gitar

Battey Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

– 80 watts rich warm sound acoustic amp with 6.5” premium speaker and 1” tweeter.
– Acoustic Impulse Response.
– Battery power for 4.5 hours outdoor performing.
– Headphone, Output, Power In, USB Midi, AUX In, Crash2 Trigger-in.
– Drum & Loop (60s phrase loop).
– Bluetooth Audio Stream.
– Free APP controller.
– USB firmware update.
– Dimensions: 310(L)mm * 280(W)mm * 328(H)mm.
– Weight: 7,5kg


Rechargeable battery powered for 4 hours outdoor performing
The NUX Stageman II rechargeable amplifier is the perfect companion for an acoustic-electric guitar when you
want to be able to perform anywhere and be heard loud and clear without having to haul around a bunch of gear.
With a large capacity lithium battery, the Stageman II is ready for as long as 4 hours outdoor performing
for any musician.

Natural sound for acoustic guitar and vocal
The Stageman II has 2 channels and both are optimized for acoustic guitar and microphone inputs respectively.
The dual-input channels, on the NUX Stageman II acoustic guitar amplifier, provide you with even more options
for gigs or studio recording.
Equipped with NUX’s latest DSP technology, the Stageman II delivers pure, rich acoustic sound with projection
far beyond its size.
The Stageman II has flexible outputs for both stage and recording applications, and is designed for your interface
needs. XLR DI output and Line output jack can be used as an analog audio-out for recording or sending to a monitor.
To accentuate your customized sound, Send/Return FX Loop inputs interface with any of your essential effects gear.

High-sensitivity speaker system for playing on stage
It’s never easy to find the ideal speakers for instrument amplifiers, especially for the acoustic instruments. After
hundreds of times of trying speakers from different suppliers, we eventually decided to customize our own speakers
to capture the exact sound we wanted.
We triumphed by combining two refined speakers ( one: 1 inch tweeter and one: 6.5 inch woofer ) into Stageman’s
cabinet. Equipped with this creative 2-way high-sensitivity speaker system, the Stageman II delivers incredible sound
dynamics. To top it off, our cabinet design features a beveled-angle carefully calculated to provide optimal live sound

Impulse Response(IR) Function Creates legendary guitar sounds
The Stageman II is loaded with 8 impulse response files. Each impulse response file is optimized for the guitar type
and the pickup type. The IR file names are included in the guitar profile, optimized guitar type, and the pickup type.
Connect the Stageman II with your mobile phone(app) to activate/deactivate the IR function.

Built-in Looper and Drum
The stageman II, comes stock with a dual-footswitch in the package.
With the dual-footswitch, you can easily control the built-in Looper and Drum. You can play solo just like with a band!

Stageman II Mobile App, 12 effects, 8 IRs, and 6 signal block routings
We also developed a mobile App for you to control the Stageman II amplifier with your smart phone.
You can switch the amp’s channels and choose to your favorite signal block routing for the instrument input. There are
12 effects including Chorus, Delay, Tape Echo, Modulation, Reverb, etc. There are 8 IRs truly simulating many
legendary guitar sounds. You can control everything, choose any effect you want and adjust the parameters, and
there are more functions including some application exclusive features. The Stageman II provides the musical sound
that will keep you playing for countless of hours.
Also, you can connect your mobile phone with Stageman II via the Bluetooth, and play along with your favorite music.

Download the Stageman II app for free.