15″ 1500W active subwoofer, dsp, app control, cardioid support, bluetooth

The SONAR-115SUBD is an active multipurpose subwoofer. Its 24-bit DSP-driven electronics provide the control features of a professional-grade unit and enable applications that demand professional performance.

Its LCD screen presents clear views of the intuitive menu. Users can adjust X-over, polarity (ahase) and delay settings quickly and easily. The SONAR-115SUBD also features two cardicid presets for users to configure cardiaid setups without having ta fuss with complicated calculations and delay time campensation.

And with HK Audio’s MultiGrip handles, a very popular feature, handling the SONAR 115 Sub D is an exercise in safety and convenience from any angle and position.

•15″ high-performance woofer

•1500 watts peak power

•24-bit DSP

•Dimmable LCD display

•Variable X-Over, polarity and delay parameters

•Mode far operation in setups with SONAR mid/high units

•CARDIOID FRONT and CARDIOID REAR presets for real cardioid operation

•HK Audio MultiGrips

•2input channels and 2 output channels

•M20 speaker pole mount

•Robust wood housing

•Metal grille backed with black acoustic foam

•Ready for castors

kr 8 495,-

Du sparer 600,-

kr 7 895