HK Audio Premium Pro 112 FD2

HK Audio Premium Pro 112 FD2

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An active full-range speaker in the classic 12″/1″ format with a well-balanced sound pattern, excellent speech intelligibility and a high usable sound pressure level. The integrated DSP-based power electronics with 1,200 watts of power make the PR:O 112 FD2 a powerful sound tool. Also ideal as a satellite in combination with the PR:O 118 SUB D2 bass. The built-in MultiGrips allow safe and comfortable handling and make professional rigging a breeze by simply installing the TB-45N or TB-45NQ tilt brackets on them.

Facts & features

Active 12″/1″ full-range, multifunctional speaker
New flying option by installing the TB-45N/TB-45NQ tilt brackets
Now with a sturdy metal front grille with black acoustic foam backing
Comes with the new HK Audio MultiGrips for significantly improved handling in any position
1,200-watt Class D bi-amping
Powerful DSP electronics with intuitive Plug ’n’ Play operation via preset selector
Tone controller for quick adjustment of the sound characteristics (music/speech)
FIR crossover with a slope of 48 dB per octave for better vertical dispersion
Custom-designed speaker
90° x 55° CD horn for wide dispersion and optimal sound
Low-resonance wooden cabinet for powerful bass reproduction and a maximum sound pressure of up to 131 dB
Compatible with PREMIUM PR:O legacy products

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